Friday, September 20, 2013

Whenever I am lonely, or questioning the state of the world.. I think of all the people I have crossed paths with that have changed me. The stranger in the hospital waiting room, who hugged me so fiercely- without any words, when she heard me call home to say that my friend wouldn't be making it through the night. The coach who believed in me when even I didn't. The family I found in New York, who took care of me without expectations. The clients who shared their story with me, with trust and courage I didn't even know existed.. And I'm comforted by the thought that I have something to live up to. I might not always hit the mark, but just the trying gives me hope. -Erin Forquer

The paths we take sometimes lead us away from people we know and love,
but in the end....
What matters is that we affect 
the lives of others for the better. 
Whoever we are,
Whatever our story.
But if you are able to let 
Yourself love honestly and 
Without fear,
Then maybe that 
Huge heart you have,
-BBC's 'The Body Farm'

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